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TDF - Magnify Interactive Science Center - President of Pakistan - Arif Alvi


TDF Magnifi Interactive Science Center - The first of its kind in Pakistan

A special center has been set up in Karachi to raise awareness about the science sector and increase public interest in science. It was formally by President Arif Ali this month.

The Dawood Foundation has been working for a long time to promote science in Pakistan. The newly constructed TDF Interactive Science Center in Karachi is also a link in the same chain which was formally inaugurated on November 13 by the President of Pakistan Arif Alvi. Christophe S. Spring, director of the Magnificent Center, explained the details of the project in a special session.

The Table of Content

i.  Pakistan's space program from support to silence in the Apollo series

ii.    What were the objectives of setting up the center?

iii.    Which fields of science are given importance?

iv.    Attempts to raise awareness of climate change

v.    What is the future planning?

Now we shall discuss/report one by one on the table of contents as follow: -

Pakistan's space program from support to silence in the Apollo series

The way science is taught in Pakistan's educational institutions has long been criticized. Merely memorizing scientific laws without emphasizing practical experience, children are becoming disgusted with scientific subjects. That is why there is no trend of scientific research in the country and Pakistani educational institutions are unable to produce scientists. In this situation, NGOs have been active for decades in tackling the problem. One of them is the Dawood Foundation which, in its years of scientific promotion in Sindh, has set up Pakistan's first interactive science center in Karachi, dubbed the "TDF Magnify Interactive Science Center". Has gone the center was opened to the public on September 25, 2021, when it was formally inaugurated by President Arif Ali on the 13th of this month.

What were the objectives of setting up the center?

"This is a five-year journey," Christophe S. Spring, director of the TDF Magnificent Center, told in an exclusive interview. The project started in 2016 when scientific competitions were organized at Dawood Foundation Public School Karachi. The aim of these competitions was to inculcate in the children the ability to understand scientific laws through practical science and the tendency to do research. In the years that followed, these scientific competitions spread to all schools in Karachi, even to Sindh and Punjab. Given this success, 2018.

The Dawood Foundation has set up a Magnificent Science Studio at the Dawood Center in Karachi so that children can learn science by experimenting on their own. One year later, in May 2019, after seeing the excellent feedback from schools and social circles across Karachi, the construction of the Magnifi Science Center was started. The center opened to the public in September 2021.

Christophe explains that the center is actually a combination of education and entertainment, "education" where sports, through experiments and scientific models, the tendency to understand science is created not only in children but also in adults.


Which fields of science are given importance?

Christoph Spring, director of the Science Center, added: "In the construction of the Center, we have given importance to the basic scientific fields as well as other branches of science. "Kids World" is built on the ground floor of the three-story center, where children learn about healthcare, transport, and construction systems from an early age. In this way, we teach children the integral systems in the world around them (the system that is an integral part of life).

Christoph said the first floor of the center is dedicated to models related to the structure of the human body. For example, the human brain tries to understand messages from its surroundings. "We've put together some very interesting concepts of 'illusion' in the center. The second floor of the Magnifi Center is dedicated to the basic concepts of physics and mathematics. Solar energy in carefully designed models, Attempts have been made to explain the important laws of sound waves, electricity, magnetic waves, and physics.

According to Christophe, mathematical models help us to understand why something works, rather than the mechanism of things, and how important mathematics is in our daily lives.

Attempts to raise awareness of climate change

Climate change is currently the most sensitive issue in the world, but little is known about it in Pakistan. Christoph Spring told that with special emphasis on the environment, the center has a mangrove model very close to the entrance, which is also the only "living" model of the center because the rest of the models are artificial. "We have listed three of the four species of mangroves found in Pakistan, which our staff provides complete information to the public so that the environment, especially in coastal areas, mangrove forests. The importance of” According to Christophe, the real environmental issue is the models on the third floor of the center, which deal with environmental degradation and wrist mat change. “Our land. The purpose of this floor is to provide information about the biosphere of Pakistan. The floor is still under construction and will be open to the public in a few months. Christophe says the center's management intends to provide the public with more information on environmental engineering.

We aim to explain to the general public, through the unique concepts of "biomechanics", how closely art and architecture relate to nature, and how a man can use his ability to adapt to his environment.

What is future planning?

Christoph Spring says the main purpose of the center is to awaken Pakistanis the ability to think and find solutions to their problems through scientific information. It's not just for kids, but here People of all ages come to learn something. “We dream of a Pakistani society where full investment is made in modern technology, scientific innovations, and quality education so that the talented youth of Pakistan can actively participate in the development of the country. Although other cities in Pakistan also need centers like TDF Magnifi Science Center, our focus at the moment is on Karachi Center to attract scientists, researchers, teachers, students, investors, and NGOs. To provide a complete platform. " 

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